Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some Chelsea Humor

I'm sorry if you are a Jessica Simpson fan, but I had to post this from Chelsea Handler's blog. It was too funny to pass up. FYI, she (Chelsea) will be performing Friday and Saturday in Austin and doing a book signing Friday at Book People. You better believe Melisa and I will be there eager and ready with books in hand.


Jessica SimpsonJeffrey Ufberg/Getty Images

Jessica Simpson reportedly asked her best friend/hairdresser Ken Paves to give her a new hair-do. According to Star Magazine, Simpson is unhappy with her recent weight gain and asked Paves to give her a 'do that will "disguise the weight." What…a game plan.

Most people would consider less chili and more cardio, but to each her own. Pave's response to the request was to give her "long layers that hang into her face." That also doesn't sound like the smartest choice, since if something is hanging in her face she's most likely going to eat it.

Peace Out,

Big J


  1. Bahahahahah...leave it to Chelsea to tell it straight up.

    Careful though, you may lose some followers from talking crap about Jessica Simpson!

  2. Oh, yup! Your blog count is down to 22 now...that's 3 Jessica Simps fans you lost.


  3. Um corecction, I'm up 2 now! booyah