Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Got It

I have set 3 workout goals to accomplish by May 10th. I must get 1 muscle-up, 3 handstand push-ups (no kip) and a 200# deadlift. Well, today I got my MUSCLE-UP. Since Crossfit Central is closed (kinda) for the week, I called up my buddy Miguel Garza of Crossfit Austin and G7 Athletics for a little one-on-one. He broke down every step, we did a couple drills, put on some Marley and it was on! After about 4 attempts, I was up. It felt amazing, but my sternum doesn't. OUCH! I'm not really sure why, but I don't really care. I got my muscle-up. My new goal for May 10th is 2 in a row.

Here it is....

Thanks Miguel. Next, is a true muscle-up with no kip!

Peace Out,



  1. What's wrong with the kip!? Some of us need it, muscle woman!!!
    Congrats my friend! You are awesome!!

  2. Nothing at all. Miguel was just saying how awesome it would be for a woman to get a true muscle-up. So of course I have to do it now!