Sunday, January 31, 2010

This is why I love me some Chelsea

Labor Pain

Bristol Palin, Sarah PalinJudy Patrick/

Bristol Palin recently appeared onOprah, via satellite from Alaska. The good news is that she's in Alaska. The bad news is that she's still talking about her baby.

Bristol told Oprah that she has made a pact not to have sex again until she's married. I didn't understand who she made the pact with. It seems it was with herself, in which case it's not really a pact, it's just a bad idea. See: definition of pact.

Sarah Palin also popped up on the satellite and said she should have talked "more openly" to her daughter about sex, and that her family has now "learned such lessons."

This baby doesn't have a shot. Isn't it enough that his grandma is Sarah Palin, or that his dad posed forPlaygirl and hangs out with Kathy Griffin, or that his name is Tripp?

Going on TV repeatedly to talk about how your kid was a mistake is probably not great for the child's self esteem. A better name for this kid would be "20 to life."

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