Monday, January 11, 2010

Music Monday

I know you've all been waiting for this day to come, and it's finally here. MUSIC MONDAY! My pick this week is, "You Make My Dreams Come True" by Hall and Oates. The song was re-introduced to me last weekend when I saw the movie, "(500) Days of Summer." By the way, it is a great movie, and I highly recommend seeing it. Now back to the song. Not only is an oldie but a goodie, but it's a HAPPY song with great lyrics.

The reason I chose this song for this particular Monday is because of my run this afternoon. As I was coming down the home stretch, this song came on. My first instinct was to break out in dance and incorporate jazz hands. Instead, I decided running faster may be a little more appropriate. So, I dare you to put this song on your playlist and go out for a run. If you don't feel like breaking out in dance when this song pops up, I will buy you a cup of coffee. Well maybe I won't, but you get the point. IT'S GREAT!

Since there is no music video for the song (at least not on youtube), I am putting up the clip of the movie where the song was played. This may, in some small part, be the reason it makes me wanna busta move. ENJOY!

Peace Out,



  1. It makes me want to skip and be-bop my head and shoulders from side to side. :)

  2. Good Choice on song! And you are correct.. good movie.

  3. that song means more to me than you will ever know...