Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No Envy No Fear

"everyday we try to find/we search our hearts and our minds/the place we used to call our home/can't be found when we're alone/so have no envy/no fear...."

That verse is from one of my favorite Joshua Radin songs, "No Envy No Fear." As I was listening to the song this morning, it got me thinking. We have all been envious of someone at some point in our lives. We are envious of this person because they have something we want. Whether it's a lifestyle, a job, a relationship, a great body, the list goes on and on. Many people turn that feeling into a negative response which is jealousy, but instead we could use the emotion of envy and turn it into a goal. Something you aspire to. Something to challenge you. Something to pursue. Something to achieve. If you go after what you want in life, then there is nothing left to fear or envy.

So get out there and make things happen for yourself because no one is going to do it for you, but you can't do it alone. We all need a support system that encourages us to achieve our goals and conquer the world. So have no envy, no fear.....

Peace Out,

J to the E


  1. wow you are sounding more like rev run everyday! did you write this from a bubble bath??

  2. Good Post. Dig the song, i think one of my favorite Joshua Radin songs is "winter".

  3. Just pushed the blogger "like" button! Good one!

  4. Great post Jessica
    "no envy, no fear" ill be using that one