Saturday, July 24, 2010

No stress here

As I was reading the article, 6 Slacker Behaviors That Science Says Are Good For You, on I didn't find any of them to be relatable to me, until I got to #1 and #2. WOW! These two hit close to smack dab on my front porch (if I had a front porch).

Here they are:
#2. Wasting Your Life on the Internet May Stave Off Dementia

It only seems logical that spending hours upon hours surfing the abyss of the Internet will eventually destroy your brain. Five minutes of reading YouTube comments alone should probably wipe out your capacity to do long division without a calculator.

The logic behind this assumption seems sound; it's like when you watch trashy television, right? Your brain is less engaged than if you were, say, reading a book or doing a crossword puzzle. And because you're not exercising your brain muscles, they must be atrophying.

Actually, no. Because some science guys are beginning to find out that those hours of surfing the interwebs might actually be making us smarter.

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I spend a lot of time surfing the web. My brain is over flowing with useless information. However, none if it has helped much in the trivia game of Qrank (i'll explain more save in a later blog). I guess this kind of makes me a genius...according to this article. Not only am I brilliant, but I will be a fully functioning 100 year old lady.
#1. Spoiling Yourself Can Fight Stress

Considering all the negative effects of stress, from erectile dysfunction to heart disease, it's no wonder calls it America's number one problem. It definitely sounds like we're not stressing out as much as we should about this whole stress issue.

Nothing on this list will reduce stress more efficiently than enjoying all those dirty pleasures everyone says you shouldn't enjoy. An Australian study discovered that skipping work or buying that solid gold ice cream scooper is exactly the kind of irresponsible behavior that keeps you stress-free, happy and healthy. Almost everyone engages in this behavior and it seems to be the best way to release steam.

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As most of my friends and family know, I make that buy things. Which explains the minimal amount of stress that I have in my life. I'm not saying I don't stress because I definitely do. My stress is just more come and go. Like, every quarter when I have to pay taxes or during the summer/holidays when most of my clients are traveling leaving me with a sad and lonely bank account. Maybe, my lack of stress is due to my love of shopping. On that note, Nordstroms is having their big anniversary sale. See y'all there tomorrow!

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