Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gymnast to Crossfitter

The more I get into crossfit, the more I realize how much I miss gymnastics. If I knew that my body would hold up, I'd hop in a class right now. However, there is a reason that for most of us our gymnastics career ends at 18. If you're lucky, maybe 22. Crossfit allows me to tap into some of those skills. As the sport of Crossfit grows, it provides me with a forum to compete at a higher level. 2011 Games here I come!

This is a clip from one of my favorite movies. It's pretty much the best gymnastics movie ever.

Peace Out,

Big J


  1. I love this movie, too and I'm not even close to being a gymnast!

    And I would like to have her body!

  2. Do you know of any adult gymnastics classes in Austin? I know I'm way too old to be particularly adept at it, but I'd still love to get a better handle on gymnastics skills.

  3. 1. Is it sad that I've seen this movie and I'm a fan of it?

    2. Love the "rips have rips" comment.

    3. I'm pretty sure I have a crush on her.

    I'm done now. :)

  4. Christine, I'm not sure. I know when I used to coach, we had adult tumbling classes. I'm pretty sure that there isn't. I think it would be too much of a liability. However, they do have open gyms. You pay a couple bucks to go play around in a gym for a few hours.

    Ben, it's ok to be a fan. I won't tell anyone.

  5. Never seen this...which means I have to NOW. May I have their handstand walks? Okay, thanks.