Monday, May 17, 2010

Music Monday

This is my new, pump me up, going to kickass in the gym song. The lead singer also happens to be the most beautiful man in the my opinion. (Melisa, remember when we met him at Emo's, while listening to Saves The Day. Ahhh, our good ole' punk days. haha)

The band is 30 Seconds to Mars (lead singer is Jared Leto btw) and the song is "This Is War." My favorite part of the song is when the crowd is chanting, Fight, Fight, Fight....,because that is exactly what I hear when I'm trying to get through a workout that is kicking my ass. I will not let it beat me. I will fight till the end and leave nothing on floor.

And just for fun

Ahhh, what a sight!

Peace Out,


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