Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mind over Matter

Here is an amazing story of not giving up. The article from People Magazine was a little too long. I try and keep my blogs short, sweet and to the point. I took what I thought was important in really grasping the point of this blog and the video.

"In all the years of televised sport, with each thrill of victory balanced by the equally celebrated agony of defeat, no ordeal has been more painfully graphic than the suffering of Julie Moss at Kona, Hawaii. The event was the Ironman Triathlon World Championship, in which entrants of both sexes swim 2.4 miles through the rolling Pacific, bicycle 112 miles, then run a full 26.2-mile marathon—all within 12 hours. At 23, Moss, an unheralded amateur athlete who had never competed in a triathlon before, was leading by several minutes over her nearest female competitor last February with just 440 yards of the marathon to go. Then she fell. It took her three minutes to struggle to her feet and wobble to within 100 yards of the finish, where she collapsed again. Desperately, Julie rose, lurched to within 50 feet, and fell once more. She was still crawling when college student Kathleen McCartney, 23, raced past to victory.

Undaunted, Moss will try the Ironman again later this week. Not that she's forgotten what it felt like to lose; even then, though she seemed almost insensible, Julie was all too vividly aware of her plight. "I was thinking, 'When is this going to end?' " she recalls. "Everyone thought I was really out of it, but my mind was really clear—my legs just kept going out. Everyone had a bad moment in that race, a point where they had to reach down deeper than ever just to keep going. Kathleen had a terrible swim. I had my bad moment at the end." By Ed Zieralski

If you'd like to know more about Julie Moss and her race, you can listen to an interview with Julie on radiolab. You have to click on the side tab that says "Limits."

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