Thursday, February 11, 2010

50 Benefits of Physical Training (26-50)

Melisa decided to do blog a list of 50 benefits of physical training. Since she has been so busy with her new business venture, Anytime Fitness, her brain is a little fried, so she asked for my assistance...I kid. Anyway, she asked if I would like to help her come up with 25 benefits. I said hell yeah. So, together we have come up with 50 reasons to be fit. Since great minds think alike, there may be duplicates. That just means those are the IMPORTANT benefits.

I am providing benefits 26-50. For 1-25 check out her blog, "For What It's Worth"

26. You will be more productive in your personal life and work place
27. Exercise can be a long term money saver. The less you spend on medication and doctor visits, the more money to buy things.
28. You will develop happier and healthier relationships
29. In return, you will have a happy and healthy family (childhood obesity is out of control)
30. More confidence- physically and mentally
31. You'll be an inspiration to those admiring what you do
32. You'll never settle; always striving to be better
33. A decrease in stress
34. Longer life. When you turn 100 your birthday can be celebrated on the Today Show's Smuckers Birthdays
35. Being able to do pull-ups at 40 sounds pretty awesome
36. Improved immune system
37. Better sleep habits
38. Exercise can be a good distraction from the everyday hustle and bustle of life
39. Improved flexibility and balance (no broken hips when you're 100)
40. Exercise always makes a bad day better
41. It can reduce the risk of osteoporosis
42. You'll develop a good support system from your workout class/group
43. Reduce the risk of cancer
44. You'll be able to outrun an attacker.
45. You'll never have to worry about buying 2 plane tickets for just yourself. Plane tickets aren't cheap.
46. Regular bowl movements.
47. Happier work environment. Healthier life style=less sick days=happy boss and co-workers
48. More enjoyable and active vacations (skiing, hiking, surfing, diving,etc)
49. Better respect for food because you'll know what your body needs and how much work you're going to do burn off that delicious cupcake. You'll think twice about what you stick in your mouth!
50. You'll be a better mom, dad, friend, wife, husband, sister, brother and the list goes on and on.

There you have it, 50 Benefits of Physical Training. Get off your butt and MOVE!

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  1. I love this! My favorites are the two plane tickets..and the bowl movements! Is there one about an increased sex life?? Because that is def. a perk as well! Strength, flexibilty, and confidence all help in that dept.