Monday, June 21, 2010

30 Day Paleo Challenge

Today is the start of the Master Mind Fight Club 30 Day Paleo Challenge. It will be 30 days of meats, nuts, berries, seeds, veggies and fruits. NO starches, sugars, dairy, lentils or artificial sweeteners. However, I am allowing myself 1 cheat a week...not "cheat meal." This means if I go to a mexican restaurant, I can't have chips & salsa, a margarita and enchiladas. I get one of the three as my cheat, and the rest of my dinner has to be paleo. This goes for desserts as well. If I want a dessert, I have to eat a paleo meal prior...I don't get both. If I don't have any hankerings to cheat, then I won't. I would love to make it the full 30 days cheat free. We'll see! It's time to focus and get back on track with food. FOOD IS FUEL, NOT FUN!

If you have any interest in following me on this journey, I will be keeping a food and workout blog. You Are What You Eat. I will also post great paleo recipes and links to friends/groups who also have great recipes. If you are need of some great, kickass workouts, I will be posting those as well; or if you want to see if I even make it 30 days. I could use the accountability, so just read it. ; )

Peace Out,


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  1. 30 day paleo challenges are awesome! I did one back in November and have not looked back since! I didn't know it then, but it would change how I eat/view food for the rest of my life!

    Good luck girl!